Rate the performance of your vendors and service providers, and share it with other IT and Business professionals


Fast and easy connection to the best vendors in ChimpAdvisor universe without any middle-men or brokers

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About ChimpAdvisor.

About ChimpAdvisor:

We believe in the shared economy, networks and the boundless exchange of ideas and knowledge. Competitiveness in the digital arena is based on how we capture and manage information from the complete ecosystem – and boost value creation for business and customers with right capabilities.

ChimpAdvisor is something new and fresh on the market going beyond traditional research companies and resource brokers. It is an independent knowledge platform where IT and Business professionals can share information and experience about the performance vendors and services. It is where you can find the right capabilities to boost your business

Why only listen to vendor’s “sun shine” stories or the internal rumors about how vendors performed long time ago? Now we have access to the true performance of vendors!

This is the place where you will find the true performance of vendors and connect directly.

Open ChimpAdvisor

The Open Platform allows Users to rate, search and connect to true best fit vendors without any middle-men or bias.

Open ChimpAdvisor includes:
  • Rate vendors, services and projects per true performance
  • Search in Open Database to find the best fit vendor to your IT and Business ambitions.
  • Ability to download complete search data sheet (charged functionality)
  • Connect directly to best vendors without middle-men

please contect chimpadvisor for more information and way of working.

Corporate ChimpAdvisor

The Corporate Platform comes with additional functionality to boost internal knowledge sharing with all Open ChimpAdvisor data and benefits.

Corporate ChimpAdvisor includes:
  • Offers rating of internal/external services/projects
  • Storage of project documentation (for example project “one-pagers” and contracts)
  • Search for experience and learning (internal/external)
  • Direct access to preferred suppliers (sanctioned by Sourcing Unit)
  • Access to templates and guidelines

please contact chimpadvisor for more information and prices.


Vendors are an important part of ChimpAdvisor and are welcome into the system. Please send a “new vendor” request and we will contact you to set up your account (monthly fee)

  • Connect with IT and Business Professional directly without middle-men.
  • Access to rating of your services by your customers.
  • Purchase Advertisement on site to promote your service to boost your visibility.

please contact chimpadvisor for more information and how we can help you boost your business performance