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Terms of use.

Terms & Conditions:

ChimpAdvisor is an Open Knowledge Platform for IT and Business Professional. Users have the possibility to rate, search and connect to vendors without any middle-men. In our attempt to obtain highest possible quality of data and an independent knowledge provider. Terms and conditions:

  1. ChimpAdvisor owns the data in the database and may use this data for research and commercial purposes. ChimpAdvisor may update or remove data if it is incorrect or bias.
  2. No user or vendors can request adjustment of data in database (for example adjust scores).
  3. Vendors are not allowed to force or threaten users to rate services in a specific way.
  4. Users can request to be anonymous in its rating and thereby, name and contact information will not be available in data sheets.
ChimpAdvisor Fees

The ChimpAdvisor is mostly a free service for IT professionals and vendors to share information and knowledge. However, ChimpAdvisor charge a fee for some high value-adding services in the system (such as complete download of Ratings and Advertisement).

  1. ChimpAdvisor charge 500 EUR per Complete Rating Download (free of charge until 2019-06-01).
  2. ChimpAdvisor charge a monthly fee for Advertisement. Prices are available on request.
Please do not hesitate to contact ChimpAdvisor Support for more information